Trump Finally Issues Emergency Declaration!

As of about 3:30pm on March 13, the President said in a speech he was issuing an emergency declaration for COVID-19.

March13: Leading Health Groups Urge Trump To Declare Coronavirus A National Emergency. “America’s health care system must be there to help,” wrote the heads of the AMA, the American Hospital Association and the American Nurses Association.

Still no action from the President, though apparently he is weighing the idea. The Diva wonders what the delay is here.

Voices Grow for a a Presidential Emergency Declaration for COVID-19

From TPM: Why Washington State Is Desperate For Trump To Declare A COVID-19 Emergency

As Washington state grapples with what may be the country’s worst outbreak of novel coronavirus, the absence of a COVID-19 emergency declaration from President Trump has hamstrung its ability to respond to the crisis.

Update on March 11: Coronavirus is a disaster. Why hasn’t FEMA been brought in?It might be time to put our national disaster agency in charge.”

Another update on March 11: Why no emergency declaration? From Politico: Trump fears emergency declaration would contradict coronavirus message. “Trump is concerned that declaring an emergency would hamper his narrative that the coronavirus is similar to the seasonal flu.”

March 11: From CNN: States and White House consider disaster declaration to deal with coronavirus outbreak.