Rethinking Electric Power Systems – updated

From the NYTimes: Rethinking Electric Power, Prompted by Politics and Disaster. An excerpt from the article:

Researchers’ heads have danced with visions of self-sufficient microgrids and solar-harnessed battery systems as they dream of giving Puerto Rico a new power system that is cleaner and less carbon-intensive than the fossil-fuel-dependent one the storm wrecked. The island is becoming an important proving ground for ideas about how low-carbon energy can be practical, both technically and financially.

Update: On a related topic, here is a 63 page document from the European Union. Power grid recovery after natural hazard impact

Electric Grid in Puerto Rico Was Totaled – updated

From Bloomberg technology: A Storm’s Never Destroyed a Grid Like Maria Ruined Puerto Rico’s

  • Parts of island may be without power for weeks, if not months
  • Utility crews will restore service to critical resources first

Another take on this same topic, from the Wall St. Journal: Puerto Rico’s Power Woes Are Decades in the Making. Years of underinvestment and massive debts left the energy grid vulnerable

An another article on a likely outcome of the extended outage. As might be expected, a major outmigration is expected. See this article in the Wash Post on Sept. 23 titled Thousands Could leave PR for Good.