EPA Rollbacks Have Deadly Consequences

Inside Climate News reports on new Harvard Study: Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks Put Thousands of Lives at Risk, Harvard Analysis Finds. The authors used EPA’s own risk assessments to estimate the number of illnesses and early deaths prevented by clean air and water rules Trump is now trying to erase.

Using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s own numbers, two Harvard scientists have calculated that 80,000 more lives will be lost per decade if President Donald Trump’s administration fulfills its plans to roll back clean air and water protections.

The researchers, terming their tally “an extremely conservative estimate,” also estimated that the repeal of regulations will lead to respiratory problems for more than 1 million people. Their essay was published Tuesday in the authoritative Journal of the American Medical Association.

A related article from NPR about the concerns for hazmat incidents and response: Fear And Frustration Over EPA Move To Kill Chemical-Disaster Protections

The Environmental Protection Agency intends to block an Obama-era proposal and effectively shield companies from scrutiny about how they prevent and respond to chemical disasters. At a hearing Thursday, agency officials got an earful from dozens of people who live and work near refineries and chemical facilities across the country.


Scott Pruitt: 22 reasons he should be fired

As readers know, the Diva feels strongly that the integrity and mission of the EPA is essential for this country to deal with environmental issues and disasters.  The Administrator of EPA is under intense pressure for ethical and other issues.

From the HuffPost, this list of violations: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/scott-pruitt-scandals-list_us_5ac66dffe4b09d0a1191647f

Update: From Politico  this account of the damage a corrupt and unethical agency head can do: Inside the EPA: ‘It’s just a slow-motion train wreck’ ‘Everybody is out for themselves right now,’ says one employee in an agency where people are fretting about leaks and Scott Pruitt’s scandals.


Delay in Chemical Rule

New Report: One Year In, EPA Chemical Rule Delay Allows Chemical Disasters to Continue.

While news this week suggests that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is a walking ethics disaster, he’s long been paving the way for actual disasters—chemical disasters that is. A report released today, A Disaster in the Making, by community, environmental, health, workers, and scientist groups, illuminates how Pruitt’s unnecessary delay of the Chemical Disaster Rule continues to harm Americans.

Pruitt’s EPA = No Studies, No Data, No Rules

From the Ny Times: At Pruitt’s E.P.A.: No Studies, No Data, No Rules

The Diva used for work for EPA in the division that dealt with emergencies related to hazardous materials.  That is important work, and should not be conducted without benefit of science.

Update on April 7th: From the NYTimes, an interesting article on the likely rescinding of much of the damage done by EPA due to lack of science and hard data. See: In His Haste to Roll Back Rules, Scott Pruitt, E.P.A. Chief, Risks His Agenda