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Delay in Chemical Rule

New Report: One Year In, EPA Chemical Rule Delay Allows Chemical Disasters to Continue. While news this week suggests that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is a walking ethics disaster, he’s long been paving the way for actual disasters—chemical disasters that … Continue reading

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Flood Risks Increase Haz Mat Risks

From the NY Times: Floods Are Getting Worse, and 2,500 Chemical Sites Lie in the Water’s Path.  Anchored in flood-prone areas in every American state are more than 2,500 sites that handle toxic chemicals, a New York Times analysis of … Continue reading

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Guidance on Chemical Hazards and Floods

From the ScienceCorps organization, this 28 page handbook titled Chemical Hazards in Floods and Disasters. Regarding environment hazards in general, the Wall St. Journal noted: Houston’s Environmental Threats Come Into Focus. As Harvey’s flooding recedes, risk of toxic pollutants tests … Continue reading

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Outlook for Disasters Globally

From Forbes Magazine: The Next Global Refugee Crisis Will Be Caused By Environmental Disasters. Some rather alarming news about mostly man-made disasters: The next big migration wave won’t be caused by war or hunger. It will be caused by environmental … Continue reading

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Chemical Safety Board in Jeopardy

Watchdog for Industrial Disasters to Be Purged in Trump’s Budget. The Chemical Safety Board was created to investigate fires, explosions; Agency’s $11 million budget watches over public, worker safety, Some excerpts from the Bloomberg News article: When a Texas City … Continue reading

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Pipeline Spills – as told by a mapstory

Is The Threat Of The Dakota Access Pipeline Real?  “I thought pipeline accidents were rare. Turns out, they happen all the time.” My suspicion was that pipeline accidents are rare, but as I investigated, I found that they actually happen … Continue reading

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EPA Knows How to Avoid Future City Water Crises

EPA Knows How o Avoid Future City Water Crises. It’s unclear where the next administration will lead the agency tasked with keeping America’s water safe.

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