Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force – precedents

Ever since the H. Sandy Task Force was formed, with the HUD Secretary named as the lead, I have been trying to figure out where this idea came from. I think I have part of the answer.

After the Deepwater Horizon-B.P Oil Spill (2010), Pres. Bush issued an Executive Order that created the Gulf Coast Reconstruction effort.  The organization was headed by then Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mobus, who was the former governor of MS. His mission was to create the Long-Term Gulf Coast Restoration Support Plan.

Then to implement the plan, the president asked EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to chair the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task. Force. This was an advisory body whose purpose was “… to focus on efforts to create more resilient and healthy Gulf Coast ecosystems, while also encouraging support for economic recovery and long-term health issues.” This group was formed by Executive Order #13554 on October 5, 2010.

For more information, see the Restore the Gulf website.

If anyone has any more information, or knows of other precedents, please let me know.

New Exec. Order for another Gulf Coast Task Force

President Barack Obama in the Oval Office 1/30/09.

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Frankly, I am having trouble keeping all the study groups and task forces re the Gulf Oil Spill straight in my mind. Today the President issued an Executive Order for a new one. Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force. Here are some details from on Oct. 5th.

On the day President Barack Obama signed an executive order setting up his new Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, the task force chairman, told more than two dozen environmental leaders in New Orleans that it’s up to Gulf Coast residents to set the agenda for the commission.

The task force was recommended by Navy Sec. Ray Mabus last week in his own report to Obama on how to move from responding to the oil spill to recovery of the coast’s ecology and economy.