Stumbling Through Relief and Recovery

From Politico, this article re the fumbling and stumbling in relief and recovery efforts:
Backlash grows as pandemic relief stumbles. And lawmakers are getting anxious as problems crop up in the recovery effort.

Update: Federal watchdogs name top staffer to oversee pandemic response. The committee tapped Robert Westbrooks, a veteran inspector general, as the committee’s executive director.

Let’s hope the new watchdog can succeed in improving response and recovery. 

Report Recommends Modifying Hurricane Relief Strategies

As cited in HSNews this report from GA Tech: Modify Hurricane Relief Strategies, National Academies Report Recommends.

Alleviating suffering more effectively in the wake of hurricanes may require a shift in relief strategies. In the immediate aftermath, relief agencies rush in survival supplies like water, food, medicine, and blankets. But instead of prioritizing and maintaining the relief supply chains, a transition to restoring a place’s normal supply infrastructure could help more people more quickly.