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Huge Buyout Planned for Homes Damaged by Earthquakes in Christchurch, NZ

Here are two news accounts of the planned buyout — probably the largest ever done after earthquakes.  The first one is from the Daily Mail (UK): Thousands to be paid to leave homes hit by New Zealand earthquake as total … Continue reading

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Christchurch, N.Z. – continuing aftershocks affect recovery

From the N.Z. Herald, news about the continuing aftershocks in Christchurch, N.Z. Christchurch’s aftershocks continue Large aftershocks continued to rattle a nervous Christchurch today as the city and its residents looked to recover from two large tremors on Monday. Scientists … Continue reading

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Earthquake Risk is a Concern for Wellington, NZ

As might be expected, since the Canterbury earthquake, other cities in NZ that are vulnerable to earthquakes have reviewed their seismic safety efforts. For the capital city of Wellington, the concerns are considerable. Capital shaky over quake preparedness . TVNZ. … Continue reading

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Information on N.Z. Quake from MCEER

For those of you following the sequence of events re the ChristChurch earthquake in N.Z.,  you should find the news gathering effort of  MCEER helpful to you.  As they did for the Haiti and Chile earthquakes, the MCEER staff  has … Continue reading

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Comparison of NZ and US seismic safety approaches

New Zealand quake could cost up to $4.5 billion, Market Watch, Sept. 7. Some interesting differences between NZ and US – there most residential structures have earthquake insurance. And their new construction requires consideration of seismic risk, but relatively few … Continue reading

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ChristChurch, NZ Earthquake – update

As noted two days ago in this blog, the contrast between the outcomes of the same-size earthquakes in NZ and Haiti is stark.  Here is a discussion of one of the reasons for the difference. Building code saves NZ from … Continue reading

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New Zealand Earthquake – resilience of ChristChurch

I recommend the interesting discussion , and useful comments, regarding resilience that is on the Homeland Security Watch blog for Sept. 5 and also Sept. 8th.  Mark Chubb the author of the posting has extensive experience working in NZ. By … Continue reading

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