BP Oil Spill- June 30- Marine Spill Response Corp.

Yesterday I mentioned an organization that most of us had never heard of before — the Marine Spill Response Corp. Details about that organization and how overwhelmed and inadequately prepared  it is for  the BP oil spill were published in the Washington Post today, 6/29. See Oil industry cleanup organization swamped by BP spill.

“There is no asset MSRC has that is designed to collect oil 5,000 feet under the seas,” said Brett G. Drewry, chief executive of the industry-backed organization that funds MSRC.

That fact did not stop BP and other companies from citing MSRC, alone or alongside for-profit cleanup companies, as their first responder for massive spills. Oil companies, Congress and regulators point to MSRC as evidence of lessons learned from Valdez. *** safeguarding the coasts should not be left to private industry.

“It seems to me there is a real significant conflict of interest here,” he said. “When you are dealing with an issue that has such enormous stakes for public health and safety, it should be in the government’s hands.”