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Florida’s Disaster Recovery Guide

From the Florida Dept. of Community Affairs, Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning: a Guide for Florida Communities; issued October 2010, 158 pp. This is a very comprehensive document. I think it is the best guidance on recovery issued by a public agency … Continue reading

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Resilience in New Orleans

There are so many articles about the Katrina anniversary, it is hard to know which to pay attention to.  Two articles dealing with long-term aspects and resilience in particular are as follows: We’re still not ready for another Hurricane Katrina; … Continue reading

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Hurricane Katrina and the Oil Spill — comments in the news

Here are two more takes on New Orleans five years after H. Katrina. Lessons in Resilience from New Orleans, Andrew Revkin’s blog of August 13, citing geographer Bob Kates and NOLA on Hurricane Katrina. Turning to the aftermath of the oil … Continue reading

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Oil Spill – focus shifts to long-term effects

Worries about recovery come to the foreground, now that the well has been capped. See As oil spill cleanup shifts gears, gulf residents fear they’ll be forgotten. The [LA] state government said this week that erosion eats away 29 square … Continue reading

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Hurricane Katrina – 5th anniversary

Since the 5th anniversary will occur at the end of this month, several organizations have been reviewing the events and accomplishments.  The Brookings Institution has issued a series of reports on what has been learned since  Sept. of 2005; the listing … Continue reading

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Oil Spill Update – -Not all clear just yet

NOAA issued a major report on August 4, titled Federal Science Report Details Fate of Oil from BP Spill.  The full text of that report ( 5 pages) is available here. Nevertheless, other scientists are questioning the methodology and results … Continue reading

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BP Oil Spill–New Spill Estimates: almost 5 million barrels

New spill estimates released August 2 suggest that 4.9 million barrels of oil (give or take 10%), or 205,000,000 gallons have been released from the Deepwater Horizon oil well.  Of that, they estimate that about 16%, or 800,000 barrels (33.6 million … Continue reading

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