Hurricane Katrina – 5th anniversary

Since the 5th anniversary will occur at the end of this month, several organizations have been reviewing the events and accomplishments.  The Brookings Institution has issued a series of reports on what has been learned since  Sept. of 2005; the listing of all reports is on the page titled The New Orleans Index at Five.

Their  overview paper (20 pp) is subtitled From Recovery to Transformation, is a very thoughtful report that provides a excellent discussion of the key elements of recovery.

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Katrina – 5th anniversary

  1. A second try at this comment since computer and broadband connection disrupted by major rain and electrical storm last night. Rain badly needed! So that helped.

    Too much national treasure has been invested in NOLA since the Mississippi River flooding in 1927. NOLA escaped twice from being totally devastated in both Hurricane Andrew, and Hurricane Katrina. Like Detroit tough decisons need to be made by the Landrieu brother and sister. The rest of the country is in desperate straights economically and NOLA has long gotten more than its fair share of federal funds largely siphoned off by corrupt politicians and local officials. The Nation does not need another gambling and tourist center. Mississippi desperate attempt at economic sufficiency by allowing 15 new casinos to be built right on the GOM is an example of the built environment resulting in further loss somewhere down the road. The BP catastrophe may just add more to the problem. The states along the GOM have now gotten to the point where third world development strategies are necessary. The FIRE sector and roll-up operations continue to destroy small business and siphon off money from these states. BP knows that the population of the GOM operates largely outside the federal and state and local tax system and thus cannot prove their losses. Even with this largely hidden subidy to the underground economy of the GOM by the rest of the nation, there will soon be desperate cries for help from the five states bordering on the GOM. The Administration just refuses to get the fact that a Marshall Plan type approach to rebuilding and redesigning this area’s economy is necessary just for some level of survival. Hey with over a trillion and more to come for Iraq and Afghanistan and the military/industrial/academic complex I would look there for the corruption endemic in those sectors. And now of course we really don’t have a financial sector or healthcare reform so those fictions will be fully evident by th 2012 elections. tlatsi d ngsdiao

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