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More on Recovery in Louisiana since H. Katrina

The advantage of writing a blog is that I have great literary license. Here goes a review of three different pieces on recovery in LA from Hurricane Katrina: two items are recently- issued research articles and one is a movie … Continue reading

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New Report – Urgent Recommendations re Gulf Coast Resilience

Before the Next Katrina: Urgent Recommendations for the President & Congress on Gulf  Coast Resilience; Center for National Policy, August 27. In a compelling new report, authors Steve Flynn and Sean Burke address a few new problems, namely, the likelihood … Continue reading

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Senators Lieberman, Collins, and Landrieu on 5th Anniversary of Katrina

LIEBERMAN, COLLINS, LANDRIEU MARK KATRINA ANNIVERSARY In their press release, the senators note progress, but hit on the unfinished National Disaster Recovery Framework. Lieberman said, “FEMA has made tremendous progress since 2005 and is evolving into a competent, professional emergency … Continue reading

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Resilience in New Orleans

There are so many articles about the Katrina anniversary, it is hard to know which to pay attention to.  Two articles dealing with long-term aspects and resilience in particular are as follows: We’re still not ready for another Hurricane Katrina; … Continue reading

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Hurricane Katrina — 5 Year Retrospective

Since this is the week of the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and her sisters Rita and Wilma, several news sources have produced special articles.  A useful listing of some of the most significant ones can be found on the … Continue reading

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Hurricane Katrina and the Oil Spill — comments in the news

Here are two more takes on New Orleans five years after H. Katrina. Lessons in Resilience from New Orleans, Andrew Revkin’s blog of August 13, citing geographer Bob Kates and NOLA on Hurricane Katrina. Turning to the aftermath of the oil … Continue reading

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Hurricane Katrina – 5th anniversary

Since the 5th anniversary will occur at the end of this month, several organizations have been reviewing the events and accomplishments.  The Brookings Institution has issued a series of reports on what has been learned since  Sept. of 2005; the listing … Continue reading

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