Pressing FEMA to Consider Climate Change in Mitigation Plans – update

About one month ago, I posted the article at the bottom of this posting. As you might expect, as a result of  Hurricane Sandy, the environmental groups are pumped up to have the federal government take some actions on climate change. In  CQ, November 5, their article is titled:  FEMA to Weigh Climate Change in Disaster Planning . The full article is copyrighted, so I cannot include it here. Some excerpts:

Environmentalists are stepping up pressure on the Obama administration to consider the effects of climate change in disaster planning, as the recovery from Hurricane Sandy continues one week after the storm hit the
East Coast.

Dozens of environmental groups are calling on the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA) to grant a petition filed last month seeking to
require states to consider climate change risks in hazard mitigation
plans they must submit in order to qualify for federal non-emergency
disaster funds.

“States that exclude climate change considerations from their plans will
be unprepared for the volatility of future hazard events,” wrote 42
groups from around the country in a Nov. 2 letter released Monday.
“FEMA’s failure to require states to consider all of their
vulnerabilities leads to insufficient planning and puts people and
property at risk.”

One more take on the topic: Andrew Revkin’s blog, November 6.

Why Climate Disasters Might Not Boost Public Engagement on Climate Change


October 9: Some environmental groups are pressing FEMA to take into consideration climate change as a future threat when preparing mitigation plans. See “Disaster Planning: An Opportunity to Prepare for the Impacts of Climate Change.”

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