Huge Typhoon in Asia – 195 mph winds!

It is Provinces and regions of the Philippines actually beyond my imagination to comprehend the high risk and high impact of the  typhoon now in the Philippines and headed for Asian mainland.

Winds were  estimated at 195 mph with gusts possible reaching 235 mph. See more details at: Monster Storm Roars into Philippines.


On Nov. 10, CNN is saying death toll may be 10,000 or more.

7 thoughts on “Huge Typhoon in Asia – 195 mph winds!

    • Everything is an estimate for now… After damage is surveyed and instruments are brought back to life, you can get more accurate. In the meantime, tryst NOTHING from the press. Only use authorized weather sources like her HK link.

  1. Actually I believe you would both be correct about wind speeds, you simply failed to specify which wind measurement you were using. Maximum sustained winds for Haiyan were 190-195 mph at maximum intensity yesterday with gusts reported up to perhaps 235 mph. Depending on the central pressure measurements, I think it would be correct to say Haiyan will rank among the strongest cyclones ever measured/recorded.

    • Not a big deal, I might be a little touchy since a LOT of people are claiming this to be the worst typhoon in the history of the world. I think we’re missing a few million years of records to be able to claim that 🙂

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