Revised Housing Recovery Plan for NJ

If at first you do not succeed, file a formal complaint and try again!

New Jersey Reaches Deal on Hurricane Sandy Aid. From the NYTimes on May 30th:

New Jersey has agreed to spend more federal disaster money to provide housing to people displaced by Hurricane Sandy and to make sure that the hardest-hit parts of the state get a proportional share of the money, according to a settlement reached on Friday.

The state also agreed to reconsider all of the applications for reconstruction aid that were rejected, after a review found that more than three-fourths of them should have been approved. The agreement stemmed from complaints by civil rights groups filed last year with the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“We have one more chance to get this right, and I am hopeful that this agreement will help the state do a better job,” said Frank Argote-Freyre, president of the Latino Action Network, one of the groups that filed the original complaint.

3 thoughts on “Revised Housing Recovery Plan for NJ

  1. I’m in Newark tonight, tomorrow and Thursday in the Ironbound area. I’ll be working with Sandy victims through neighborhood organizations. I’m comment further after my experience here, possibly next week.

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