4 thoughts on “Federal Advisory Committee on Climate Change Abolished

  1. We do not need an advisory committee on Climate Change. I have no problems with the committee being abolished. History identifies that there are always going to be cyclical changes impacting earth. They were not produced by the impact of man. Study history way back to the cave man. One can hypothesize that industrialization provides more chemical and other hazards that impact the environment, and perhaps temperature, but one also has to look at the alignment of the earth to the sun, other planets and super meteorological events that significant changed the earth. Also, the change in revolution of the earth on its axis. Mathematically, and with the extrapolation of existing data, one cannot prove that man is significantly impacting the environment that we need a Federal Advisory Committee on Climate Change. We do not need them to prescribe fuel that is many time more expensive than existing fuels that power our military ships, etc. based upon false data.

  2. I’m curious why the previous administration waited a year to appoint members? And if it was a 3 year project, why was it only authorized for 2 years? (Which of course worked out to only one because of the delay.) In any event the good news is that the group will continue their work so no harm in the end. It might be better since they have no worries about Trump interference.

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