More Details re Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018

The Diva has looked, without success, for more details about this new act. Here are some details FEMA just make available.

Update: One more commentary on the new legislation. Author is Ernest Abbott of the firm Baker Donelson. Thanks to Ed Thomas for pointing this out.


1 thought on “More Details re Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018

  1. HI!
    My thanks again to the Recovery Diva for her continued efforts to keep all of us informed about important documents that will help folks working on climate Adaptation, Hazard Mitigation, disaster Response and Recovery, Community Development/Redevelopment, Emergency Management and so much other activity concerning disasters.

    I have also been seeking explanations of those provisions of the Five-Year Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization,; which include Disaster Relief Funding and Recovery Reform. the best, simplest and most cogent explanation I have seen so far of the provisions affecting FEMA Funding are in a splendid short article by former FEMA General Counsel Ernie Abbott. That article, published 10/12/18,: “The Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018: Key Provisions Affecting FEMA Funding” is available at:

    I am sure that all of us would welcome all your thoughts about other references [beyond the official FEMA explanations] to other sources of elucidation of this important piece of legislation, which should have multiple profound effects on the administration of Hazard Mitigation, Disaster Risk Reduction and general management of the Stafford Act.

    Regards to all; thanks again to Claire Rubin, National Treasure and Recovery Diva!
    Ed Thomas

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