Slow-Motion Flooding in Midwest

From the NYTimes: The Great Flood of 2019: A Complete Picture of a Slow-Motion Disaster.

Public interest in natural disasters tends to focus on big, discrete weather events like hurricanes. But flooding that unfolds over months across a broad area has a harder time breaking through. It is only when seen as a single, connected event that the stunning scale of the 2019 flood season becomes clear

To measure the scope of the spring floods, The New York Times analyzed satellite data from the Joint Polar Satellite System using software, developed by government and academic researchers for flood detection, that is frequently used in disaster response.

1 thought on “Slow-Motion Flooding in Midwest

  1. The Rosetta Stone is neglected repair to levees for immediate preparation.

    IF traditional defenses against rising waters are inadequate, the situation is no longer a risk but rather a gamble.

    Federal disaster funds and the unmentioned USDA crop insurance program are causing the economic distortions.

    Canada is currently working a relocation program. It would be advantageous to study our neighbor’s efforts. After all, this less about crops and more so about people and the accumulating costs.

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