4 thoughts on “Cities at Risk from Climate Change

  1. Too many aspects are commingled to allow for a realistic picture of municipal vulnerabilities and viable preparations.

    Resolutions are pro forma without earmarked funding and dedicated staff. Illustrative: Last week’s hurricane had Broward County, Florida announce they had 31 emergency shelter but only staff for a half. This translates to half the shelters were ready for the evacuation.

    Flooding equates to contagious disease. Epidemiological matters require the political subdivisions such as Seattle and Montgomery County, metro Washington, D.C. as only a neighborhood of a large area. The infected driver of an automobile can be far away from the flood and still serve as a vector.

    The correlation of a city’s demographic bloc of “poor” with higher vulnerability is just too academic. Many citizens with the economic means do not have insurance, emergency supplies, and current immunizations. Most all socio-economic classes neglect to get a – free – flu shot.

    I love humor. Thank you, Wash Post for telling of weather patterns that “scientists do not completely understand”.

    The common denominator is to prepare at all political levels with resiliency being more regional than municipal. Flooding upstream involves the downstream political subdivisions. Contagious diseases involves all of us.

    So far, we’re on the right route. It takes time.

      • Good afternoon Claire,

        I’m in Gloucester County, VA (across York River from Yorktown). Retired now, had been a reserve Federal Emergency Manager with OET, USDOT ages ago. Now I’m active in Citizens Corps, and some other orgs. Had once written a short article on emergency sheltering for a national mag.
        *** the web is never going to replace a conference room or Golden Corral meeting for discussions.

        ~ Bob

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