Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

The Saffir-Simpson Scale is the one that scientists use to rank hurricanes. Presently, the scale has 5 categories, but recently there is talk of adding a 6th. See this article about that new category in the WashPost.

The Diva had the pleasure of meeting Bob Simpson at the Natural Hazards Center in Boulder, CO many years ago. A nice gentleman, who was the first head of the National Hurricane Center.

New GAO Report on 2017 Hurricanes and Wildfires

Another must read:

2017 HURRICANES AND WILDFIRES; Initial Observations on the Federal Response and Key Recovery Challenges.   

Note that this site contains the full report (142 pp.), a short highlights, report and a link to a GAO podcast.

Update on Sept. 5: So far, the Wall St. Journal and CNN printed articles about the report. The WSJ requires a subscription to read but here is the CNN article: Overwhelmed FEMA called on ‘bottom of the barrel’ staff for 2017 disasters, GAO says

Here is the Wash Post article on the report: Hurricanes and wildfires overwhelmed FEMA in 2017, according to new GAO report.

From Bloomberg News: Watchdog Slams FEMA for Puerto Rico Hurricane Response
Agency faulted for lack of preparedness and adequate staff. Report says identify-theft scheme flourished in wake of storms.

H. Harvey Second Most Costly U.S. Disaster

From the WSJ: Two Months After Harvey, Houston Continues to Count the Cost
Tens of thousands are still living in hotel rooms from the August hurricane, which is estimated to have cost $73.5 billion in economic loss.

Note that the chart in the article shows total estimated costs for the recent hurricanes with H. Maria and H. Irma numbers lower than for H. Harvey.