Floodproofing High Rise Buildings

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When a densely populated urban area contains mostly high rise dwellings, selecting mitigation measures to reduce future floods is a major challenge.  Here is one mayor’s approach: Hoboken Mayor Seeks Storm Protection More Suitable for High-Rise Buildings. Excerpts from the NY Time article on Feb. 12 follow:

The mayor of this city of 50,000 across the Hudson River from New York, badly damaged by the storm, is pushing federal and state officials to make it a test case for a new model of hurricane resilience, one that could be translated to other cities in the Northeast that rising seas have increasingly turned into flood plains.

Most bluntly, Mayor Dawn Zimmer said, that means accepting and planning for the likelihood that most residents will not evacuate, even under an official order. And it requires adjusting federal flood-insurance guidelines to recognize that it is not possible to elevate an entire city. About two-thirds of Hoboken lies in the flood zone on new federal maps, but apart from the rare single-family homes, most buildings are apartment complexes or attached houses that cannot easily be mounted on pilings.

“The rules don’t work,” Mayor Zimmer said. “They’re looking at a fairly suburban approach. We need to carve out an urban approach. Because today it’s Hoboken, tomorrow, Boston.”

Thanks to Bill Cumming for this citation.


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