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Coastal Peril – flood risk

From HSNewswire: Flood risk denial in U.S. coastal communities Rising sea levels have worsened the destruction that routine tidal flooding causes in the nation’s coastal communities. On the U.S. mainland, communities in Louisiana, Florida and Maryland are most at risk. … Continue reading

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Coastal Issues for Boston

The Wall St. Journal published an article on Jan. 28th titled: Boston Agonizes Over How to Protect Itself from Future Storms; cities that designated protections for past floods find future ones may be worse, but changes carry huge price tags. … Continue reading

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LA a Leader in Coastal Plain Management

Louisiana, Sinking Fast, Prepares to Empty Out Its Coastal Plain State weighs buyouts, prohibiting new development, tax hikes Policy could become template for climate adaptation nationwide Louisiana is finalizing a plan to move thousands of people from areas threatened by … Continue reading

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“Lessons From Hurricane Harvey: Houston’s Struggle Is America’s Tale”

The Diva has been contemplating the concept of resilience, as described in the document Disaster Resilience; A National Imperative, published by the National Academy of Sciences in 2012. Reviewing it against the present setting of disaster recovery efforts in Houston, … Continue reading

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Coastal Cities Coping with Climate Change

Coastal Cities Look to Resilience Chiefs to Combat Climate Change; Global warming has created a hot new job in U.S. coastal cities

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More Resources on Global Warming, Rising Seas, and Coastal Cities

From the Journalists Resource website, maintained by Harvard University, here is a recent roundup of research on the topics of Global warming, rising seas and coastal cities: Trends, impacts and adaptation strategies.

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“Achieving Resilience in Coastal Communities”

New report from the National Wildlife Federation, released on the anniversary of H. Katrina. See: Achieving Resilience in Coastal Communities: Resources and Recommendations. 268 pages. As noted by my friends at the National Hazards Mitigation Association, some of the contents … Continue reading

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