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Major Actions Needed at National Level

Opinion piece in The Hill: After record disasters, Congress must act to protect Americans

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Major Conflicts in Congress re Disaster Funding

From the NYTimes: White House Requests More Disaster Aid but Also Seeks Cuts as Deficits Rise Another article from Bloomberg News: Trump Disaster Assistance Request Draws Bipartisan Criticism  

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Trouble Looming: Congress Emboldened to Make Dumb Decisions

Last week I posted an article about the failures of our legislative and executive branches in Washington, D.C. Here are two more examples of possible congressional action, done in part as retribution for the President’s executive actions on immigration. One … Continue reading

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More on Sequestration

The Congressional Budget Office Explains Sequestration: CBO report. Feb. 28. ProPublica has done a series of graphics to help people visualize the effects. March 1.

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Congress – use, disuse, and misuse of information and knowledge

I often write about the problems of a lack of knowledge base re emergency management in the executive branch, and FEMA is usually the primary focus. I found this article fascinating because I do not know much about members of … Continue reading

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Congress: take time to think

A recent editorial in the Washington Post suggests that the nearly $50 B. bill regarding recovery from H. Sandy needs to be carefully thought through and debated.  See: Stopping the Sandy Steamroller, January 5.  The final paragraph states: If lawmakers … Continue reading

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