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Useful Flood Graphic

See this one page flood map/graphic from DHS. Thanks to Chris Jones for the citation.

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Riverine Flooding On the Rise Worldwide

River flood risks increase around the globe under future warming. “More than half of the United States must at least double their protection level within the next two decades if they want to avoid a dramatic increase in river flood … Continue reading

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“Lessons From Hurricane Harvey: Houston’s Struggle Is America’s Tale”

The Diva has been contemplating the concept of resilience, as described in the document Disaster Resilience; A National Imperative, published by the National Academy of Sciences in 2012. Reviewing it against the present setting of disaster recovery efforts in Houston, … Continue reading

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What Not to Do

Houston officials let developers build homes inside reservoirs. But no one warned buyers.

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Flood Maps = outdated and unreliable

From Bloomberg News: Outdated and Unreliable: FEMA’s Faulty Flood Maps Put Homeowners at Risk

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Effort to Prevent Building in Flood Zones

Business Groups To Trump: Let’s Stop Building In Dangerous Flood Zones President Trump repealed Obama-era flood rules weeks before Harvey hit. Now about 30 business, emergency management, environmental, and fiscally conservative groups are urging him to adopt new rules — … Continue reading

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Both Property and the NFIP Are Threatened

From the NY Times: When Rising Seas Transform Risk Into Certainty. “Along parts of the East Coast, the entire system of insuring coastal property is beginning to break down.”  

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