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Science and Politics — sand berms off LA coast

Once again in LA we see an example of the conflict between objective science and state level politics. Louisiana Builds Barriers Even as Oil Disperses, NYTimes, Oct. 22. In late May, at the height of the spill, Adm. Thad W. … Continue reading

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Administrative changes needed to improve federal preparedness and response

In an article titled All Together Now, there is a discussion of the coordination needed at the federal level for disasters generally and for an oil spill in particular.  The article is subtitled: Collaboration-minded feds discover that getting agencies to … Continue reading

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Mixed Views from Scientists re Environmental Effects of BP Oil Spill

Some good news is always welcome. Gulf Spill May Defy Darkest Predictions, NY Times, Sept. 13. Nevertheless, not everyone is optimistic.  Some additional scientific work indicates significant amounts of oil have settled to the floor of the seabed. Scientists Find … Continue reading

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BP’s Oil Spill Disaster Study is Criticized

It is not surprising that BP’s credibility regarding its own analysis of the causes of the disastrous oil spill has been criticized.  Soon the independent panel, created by President Obama, should be issuing their report, which hopefully will be more … Continue reading

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New Report – Urgent Recommendations re Gulf Coast Resilience

Before the Next Katrina: Urgent Recommendations for the President & Congress on Gulf  Coast Resilience; Center for National Policy, August 27. In a compelling new report, authors Steve Flynn and Sean Burke address a few new problems, namely, the likelihood … Continue reading

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Alaska fish and fishermen are still struggling with aftermath of Exxon Valdez – 21 years ago!

See CNN article today about the lasting effects of the then largest oil spill in the world. [picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=exxon+valdez&iid=8721510″ src=”0/b/0/e/To_match_Special_6817.jpg?adImageId=12783341&imageId=8721510″ width=”234″ height=”312″ /]The lingering effects and the secondary and tertiary effects on people and their livelihoods should not … Continue reading

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