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“The Nasty Politicization of Ebola”

From an opinion piece by Dana Millbank in the WashPost, see The nasty politicization of Ebola. Here is the lead in: Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, administered a dose of truth to political Washington this week. … Continue reading

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On Buying Access to a Governor

Not directly on topic for this blog, but this article highlights a big problem at the state level. It might in part account for delays or roadblocks at the state level with respect to needed EM legislation and policies. See: … Continue reading

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Toronto Disasters: first the mayor, then the ice storm- updated

In the days before Christmas, a huge ice storm affected the northern states in New England and the southern provinces of Canada.  Usually, a power outage of several days duration that affected at least 300,000 households in a metropolitan area … Continue reading

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Learn from Experience? — not necessarily for some in Congress

A new report from the Center for American Progress is titled  States With most federal disaster aid sent climate science deniers to congress. Since this report is only 8 pages long, I suggest you read it all. One excerpt: Interestingly, … Continue reading

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Another Problem With Recovery After Sandy – Congress

Not only the NY and NJ congressional delegations are furious with Congress, but so is the New York Times – see its editorial on Hurricane Sandy Aid, NY Times, January 2, 2013.  They desperately need federal assistance and in a … Continue reading

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NJ – development history and issues

More of the “I Told You So” or “We Warned You” dept.: Jersey Shore Development Failures Exposed By Hurricane Sandy When you are dealing with recovery issues in the northeast, most of the community development has occured over many decades … Continue reading

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Recovery – NY Style

Here are some useful examples of what “snap back” and resilient recovery plans look like. It remains to be seen how the conflicts and tradeoffs between the two will be addressed. Short-Term Recovery: Winter looming, New York rushes to repair … Continue reading

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