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New Limitations on Science and Environmental Policy Information

The Diva does not usually deal with national political matters, but a new decision by the Trump administration affects information that is essential to emergency management researchers and practitioners. See this article from the Wash. Post on Jan. 25. Federal … Continue reading

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“The Nasty Politicization of Ebola”

From an opinion piece by Dana Millbank in the WashPost, see The nasty politicization of Ebola. Here is the lead in: Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, administered a dose of truth to political Washington this week. … Continue reading

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On Buying Access to a Governor

Not directly on topic for this blog, but this article highlights a big problem at the state level. It might in part account for delays or roadblocks at the state level with respect to needed EM legislation and policies. See: … Continue reading

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Toronto Disasters: first the mayor, then the ice storm- updated

In the days before Christmas, a huge ice storm affected the northern states in New England and the southern provinces of Canada.  Usually, a power outage of several days duration that affected at least 300,000 households in a metropolitan area … Continue reading

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Learn from Experience? — not necessarily for some in Congress

A new report from the Center for American Progress is titled  States With most federal disaster aid sent climate science deniers to congress. Since this report is only 8 pages long, I suggest you read it all. One excerpt: Interestingly, … Continue reading

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Another Problem With Recovery After Sandy – Congress

Not only the NY and NJ congressional delegations are furious with Congress, but so is the New York Times – see its editorial on Hurricane Sandy Aid, NY Times, January 2, 2013.  They desperately need federal assistance and in a … Continue reading

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NJ – development history and issues

More of the “I Told You So” or “We Warned You” dept.: Jersey Shore Development Failures Exposed By Hurricane Sandy When you are dealing with recovery issues in the northeast, most of the community development has occured over many decades … Continue reading

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